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Interim Principal's Message

Mrs. Shogher Shanoian
Dear Merdinian School Families,

I am honored and excited to step into the role of interim principal at C. & E. Merdinian Armenian Evangelical School, starting today, July 1. As an alumna of this esteemed institution, a proud parent of both an alumnus and two current students, and having served in various administrative capacities for the past seven years, I am deeply committed to upholding our school's mission and values. 

Throughout my experiences at Merdinian, I have witnessed the changes that have come our way. As we chart the future of our school, my primary focus is to ensure every student's growth and well-being while meeting their academic, social, emotional, and spiritual needs.

With a background in business administration and education and more than 14 years of experience in administrative roles, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to fostering a positive and nurturing environment for our Merdinian students to thrive. I firmly believe that God's providence has guided us to this moment, and I am committed to leading our school with faith, integrity, and compassion. 

My involvement in the Armenian Evangelical community has been an essential source of my deep sense of leadership. I have learned the importance of humility, selflessness, and dedication in leadership through serving my community. My experiences have shaped my leadership style and deepened my understanding of the values and principles integral to effective leadership.

My educational philosophy is rooted in the belief that each child is created in God's image, endowed with unique gifts and talents waiting to be developed and nurtured. As a leader, I aspire to embody servant leadership—serving, guiding, and supporting our faculty and student body on their individual paths to success. I aim to meet every individual’s needs, recognizing and celebrating their unique gifts while fostering a learning environment that empowers them to reach their utmost potential.

For the upcoming 2024/2025 academic year, among many of my responsibilities, I’d like to focus on these five things:

Enhance academic achievement and curriculum development to improve student performance and learning across all grade levels, including our new TK program.

Implement comprehensive student support services to address students' diverse needs and ensure their overall well-being and academic success.

Promote teacher professional development and retention to support and retain high-quality teachers by investing in their professional growth.

Strengthen community engagement and partnerships by building strong connections with the local community and enhancing parental involvement.

Instill Christian values and a love for our Armenian heritage inside and outside the classroom.

Running a school is a team effort, and I’d like to introduce you to my administrative team and support staff who will be there for you this upcoming year:

Administrative Team: Ms. Alin Boyajian will serve as the Director of Admissions and Operations; Mrs. Carmen Bezerdjian will serve as the Academic Coordinator and Teacher Resource Specialist; Mr. Chris Khrlobian will serve as the Preschool Director; and Mrs. Lucy Tashchian will serve as the Administrative Assistant. 

Support Team: Ms. Sandra Bessos will serve as the Finance Manager; Mrs. Marijan Kevorkian will serve as the RTI (Response to Intervention) Specialist; Mr. Taylor Ketterling will serve as the IT Director; Mrs. Hasmik Douzjian will serve as the Health Assistant; Mr. Tomas Zavala will serve as the Facilities Manager; and Mrs. Salpi Maghakian will serve as the school counselor.

As we embark on this new chapter together, I invite you to join me in celebrating and praying for the blessings and opportunities that lie ahead. Together, let us work toward a brighter future for our beloved Merdinian School.

I look forward to meeting and working with each of you in the coming days and months. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. 

I am honored to serve God through the Merdinian community, and I pray that He gives me wisdom and guidance as I strive to fulfill the purpose He has set forth for me here at our school.

In His service,

Shogher Shanoian ‘00
Interim Principal
C. & E. Merdinian Armenian Evangelical School


Purpose Ignited

2024-2025 Welcome Packet and Supply Lists are Now Available

On behalf of the Merdinian Administration we welcome you all to the 2024-2025 academic year!

The first day of school for TK- 8th grades is Wednesday, August 21st! The first day of school for all preschoolers is Thursday, August 22nd!

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Souzy & Shogher

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Merdinian Students Commemorate the 109th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

Students from Merdinian schools gathered around a memorial on April 23rd to pay tribute and show respect for all the innocent Armenians who were massacred, deported, and imprisoned. In remembrance of all the innocent Armenians, we gathered around the Tsitsernakaberd today and placed flowers on the ground.

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