Merdinian Students Commemorate the 109th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

On April 23rd, Merdinian students gathered around a memorial to remember and honor all of the innocent Armenians who were evicted from their homes, killed, or imprisoned. Practicing Armenian traditions and teaching students how to preserve their culture today is essential to Merdinian. The Armenian Genocide emphasizes the importance of Armenian culture and explains why it is critical to keep it alive and stable. 

Today, students gathered around the Tsitsernakaberd monument replica to lay flowers in honor of all the innocent Armenians. Following the remembrance, students from 3rd through 8th grades gathered in the hall for a commemorative ceremony.

April 24 is significant in Armenian culture because it commemorates the 109th anniversary of a genocide against Armenians. The Turkish government threatened and killed 1.5 million innocent Armenians in order to expand their territory and destroy their culture. This caused depression among Armenians, and today, we held a remembrance memorial commemorating the deaths of our Armenian brothers and sisters with the hope that our culture would live on forever.