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K-8th Curriculum

Elementary (K-5th Grade):
Our goal in Elementary is to develop independent learners who are eager to work hard to solve problems in order to further their knowledge of the way the world works. Teaching includes hands-on, individualized exploration of how to be successful in an ever-changing, technology-rich society.

They begin to develop the core academic skills in literacy, numeracy, science, and the arts that will serve as the foundation for advanced studies as they grow and become critical thinkers. Students explore their studies through unique, interdisciplinary hands-on experiences that helps them develop their intellectual curiosity and promote creativity.
Middle School (6th-8th Grade):
The Middle School builds upon the foundation established in Elementary by continuing to promote the academic, social, and emotional development of the students. Students move from a single-teacher classroom structure to a multi-classroom, multi-teacher model. Teachers encourage students to think abstractly and develop excellent communication skills with hands-on projects, open-ended questions, and challenging problems. Our comprehensive academic program prepares each student to excel in high school, college and beyond.
Faith Based Education:
One of the most significant features that sets us apart from other schools is our emphasis on Christian Education. Accordingly, morning chapel services are conducted regularly, whereby students sing spiritual hymns, learn psalms, and listen to readings from the Bible. In addition, Armenian Evangelical pastors from the greater Los Angeles area take turns on Fridays to come and preach to the students. All grade levels have their religion classes as part of the curriculum, and nearly all programs presented on special occasions incorporate religious themes.

Armenian Education:
Our students begin with the basics of the alphabet and graduate with a strong grasp of reading, writing and expression. We are confident that this solid foundation in a second language sets Merdinian students apart, and propels them into a highly successful high school journey. By choosing an Armenian school, you are offering your child a second home and a second family. The experience of Armenian school helps shape our students into bright, successful scholars.

Merdinian also offers weekly religion classes, students perform plays and skits of Armenian authors, we learn dances and songs, and learn Armenian history and students begin connecting with their Armenian heritage. 
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