Principal's Message

Principal portrait
Dear Families,

For over 40 years, Merdinian has been committed to being a school where each student thrives academically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.
Merdinian gives utmost importance to bilingual education and teaches 21st- century global learning skills that prepare our students for success. We take pride in shaping well-rounded individuals, who go off to become upstanding citizens and leaders of their communities. Our school is also founded on a solid spiritual legacy and we encourage the development of faith, character, and service to the glory of God. Students attend chapel every morning, where they pray, sing, and listen to lessons by visiting pastors or teachers. This is how we help children grow into self-confident and compassionate stewards of their world.
We continue to realize our mission through our talented faculty, who challenge, inspire, and connect daily with our students. They spare no effort to challenge the students and encourage them to reach their full potential. They partner with families to ensure a connected community and offer lessons that build on students’ curiosity, helping them become leaders, helpers, and creators.
The magic of Merdinian is best experienced in person. So, I invite your family to visit and witness our incredible learning community firsthand. I have no doubt that it will make you – and your child – want to become a Merdinian Monarch!
Dr. Souzy Ohanian,